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“Peace: It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in my heart”
Read your ICF Code of Ethics Lately? PDF Print

There is a new version of the ICF Code of Ethics approved by the Board in December 2008.  It has come to my attention that few of my coaching colleagues are aware of it and the significant changes that have been made.

Note: My comments here are my opinion and my interpretation of our discussions regarding the ICF Code Revision. My statements do not reflect the official position of the ICF nor the ICF Ethics and Standards Committee.  My attempt here is to educate and share background information.

I have served on the Ethics and Standards committee of the ICF from 2003 through the end of 2008. During my tenure, we had three revisions to the code -each one with growing pains and learning experiences attached. This round I served on the revision sub-committee acting in part as holder of history and as scribe. After a year of research and international input we submitted our proposed changes to the entire committee. There I conducted the entire Ethics and Standards Teams' line by line review, debate, and refinement of the code. You should be very proud of the work that literally hundreds of people put into this project. Thoughtful, empassioned, critical and coach like debates were had by all. I believe you can be proud to sign onto this new code of ethics and claim it as your own.


Being Edgy PDF Print
I've been having an interesting conversation with a group of seasoned coaches here in Minneapolis. It is around the issue of transparency, or as we were calling it "seeing the coach's humanity."

We were all in agreement that unless we as clients saw the humanity in our coach it was a less than powerful coaching experience.

This conversation had grown out of a much "harder" conversation about "edgy" coaches, or seeming lack there of, in the community.

Edgy is about saying what needs to be said in a sharp simple clean manner.
  • Sharp/hard - saying exactly what needs to be shared, aka sharing what is there.
  • Simple - don't couch it, wrap it up "nice" and pretty, check w.a.i.t. (why am I talking).
  • Clean - Zero baggage attached. Is this about the client or me, the coach. No (e)motional charge to it.
all the while respecting the client's humanity.
Is age a limitation to coaching? PDF Print

Is age a limitation to coaching? No and Yes. There are two sides to this answer. The first is from you = There is no limitation to coaching unless you create it. And from the recipient/potential client end the answer is a Maybe yes. It depends on several factors - internal sense of value received by being in relationship with you, cultural biases, ageism (a true ism that goes both ways), and stereotypes. Some will say you are too young/old while most it will never make a difference, and there will be even some that will seek you out because of your youth.

InvestingInTheBusiness PDF Print

The following question came in response to my article about Before Marketing Comes Business.

Q: What do you mean by money spend as investment in your business?

A: Other than get rich quick schemes and gambling (including lottery tickets) all businesses must invest in the infrastructure and maintenance of their business as well as expansion efforts. Coaching is not a get rich quick despite what some disreputable adult ed classes might say.

Coaching is in many respects like any other business, though because many coaches coach from home there are differences in overhead costs.

BNI & Coaching PDF Print
bnilogo72.jpgI've been in BNI (Business Network International) for a year now after avoiding it for years (by mistake in my opinion).
I've become a strong supporter of the BNI way of doing business and marketing for coaches.   I've even included it in my CoachingBusinessEssentials Ecourse 
Here are my current thoughts on BNI

Benefits for a coach:
  • Focuses their marketing - too many coaches come in offering "full services" and not enough on tangible results and benefits. BNI training helps with that.
  • Sharpens their marketing message - BNI trains you on how to be a good member and how to deliver your message so that people HEAR it. As a book I'm reading talks about "It is not what you say, but what they hear that matters"
  • Become comfortable speaking to a group of people about what you do
  • Become a better networker
  • Become a better business person (for some this means acknowledging that they have a business and need to act like it)
  • Provides a regular professional & social engagement every week for you to get our of your office, which is important especially if you coach by phone.
  • Expands your network - people need to know that you exist. People need to know what you do. People need to know how they feel about you before they refer to you or buy from you.

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